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La Tocadita FC La Tocadita FC

Established in 1996, La Tocadita Football Club began as a simple indoor team among a few mates who shared a passion for football (soccer) and competition. At the time, most of them were involved in other competitive teams, but noticed that there was something lacking. Sharing a common view that ... [More about the Club]

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SPRING 2015 SEASON - WISL Sunday 2nd Div

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Latest News
08.28.14 2nd Official Scrimmage - Fall 2014

OAS 3:4 La Tocadita

08.24.14 1st Official Scrimmage - Fall 2014

AC Roma 3:3 La Tocadita

06.15.14 9th Season Game - Spring 2014

IMF 7:0 La Tocadita

06.01.14 8th Season Game - Spring 2014

Danish Dynamite 9:0 La Tocadita

05.18.14 7th Season Game - Spring 2014

Inter Italia 4:3 La Tocadita

05.11.14 6th Season Game - Spring 2014

AC Roma 3:0 La Tocadita

05.04.14 5th Season Game - Spring 2014

La Tocadita 0:3 Capital Rovers Young Boys

04.27.14 4th Season Game - Spring 2014

FBC Soccer 5:0 La Tocadita

04.20.14 3rd Season Game - Spring 2014

La Tocadita FC 0 :5 Rockville Rangers FC

04.13.14 2nd Season Game - Spring 2014

La Tocadita FC 0:10 Natural Mystic

04.06.14 1st Season Game - Spring 2014

Dogfish Head Alehouse FC 5:1 La Tocadita FC

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