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¬ The Background of The Club by Guillermo
The Club Structure. Established in 1996, La Tocadita Football Club began as a simple indoor team among a few mates who shared a passion for football (soccer) and competition. At the time, most of them were involved in other competitive teams, but noticed that there was something lacking. Sharing a common view that there was more than just passes and goals, La Tocadita came to life as a group that shared more than the 60 minutes of an indoor game. As the seasons progressed and the interest grew it moved into 11 aside leagues. It entered a local adult league where it quickly conquered the championship – not so much due to its technical ability, but thanks to the enthusiasm and organization.The team originated from a heavily Hispanic group; thus the Hispanic name. It has since evolved into a club where anyone with a passion for football Costls at home. Currently The Club is represented by over 75 active members from over a dozen nationalities; and many more if friends and family members which take part in the activities of the organization are included.
The Vision. The aim is for the player (and his family) to become part of the entity. A structure becomes an entity when the individuals under that structure relate to the goals and Costl part of it. For an entity to be latent, its members must interact enthusiastically and look to grow within the presented structure. The goal is thus to create a permanent bond. Being a member of either La Tocadita or of Toca Juniors Football Club is not transitory. The vision is to develop a long-term relationship; where a child starts in the pre-school teams and moves up as he develops – ultimately playing for the adult teams and seeing his sons take part in the youth teams. This is the type of cycle which The Club aims to develop. 
The Adult Teams (La Tocadita Football Club) The name used for the Adult teams represents its essence. It carries an informality which represents its relaxed atmosphere and general joy for the game. Likewise, it’s defined as a club as it looks to grow in an organized fashion and compete in at highest possible level.
The Youth Teams (Toca Juniors Football Club) The ideals and mission of The Club are reflected in its name. Each word encompasses a characteristic that represents the members and their vision.
Toca: This word comes from the Spanish verb 'to touch'. If used in the context of a football match it simply means 'to pass' the ball. Taken in a larger context, a 'Tocadita' or 'Toca' represents a style of football. A style that relies equally on skill and teamwork. Characterized for its passion and devotion, where spontaneity and improvisation are idolized.
Juniors: Those kids that come under this structure do so to learn, to develop and absorb from their senior counterparts.
Football: The English word is used because we admire and identify with the English professionalism and rectitude towards the sport. The dedication, organization and effort is something we continually look to implement and shadow.
Club: It's not just a team, it's a family of people who love to compete, exercise, share the sport, and share their friends and family by attending matches, barbeques and the like.