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| The Background of The Club
Established in 1996, La Tocadita Football Club began as a simple indoor team among a few mates who shared a passion for football (soccer) and competition. At the time, most of them were involved in other competitive teams, but noticed that there was something lacking. Sharing a common view that there was more than just passes and goals, La Tocadita came to life as a group that shared more than the 60 minutes of an indoor game. As the seasons progressed and the interest grew it moved into 11 aside leagues. It entered a local adult league where it quickly conquered the championship – not so much due to its technical ability... [read more]

| The Project
Are you looking for a soccer team? Are you Under 11? Under 12? Go one better. Join Toca Juniors, a real soccer CLUB!!!... [read more]

| In support of Professional Football
La Toca as promised is starting a periodic raffle of tickets for DC United games!!!... [read more]

| History of the Club by Paulo Uribe
Después de tantos cabezasos y tantas cervezas, es muy difícil recordar la historia de La Toca, pero fue algo así. En el '96 se había formado un grupo muy unido de amigos... [read more]

| History of the Club by Alex Camp
En invierno de 1996, un grupo de amigos de Potomac decidió organizar un equipo de fútbol para jugar en un torneo de “indoor” en las pistas del famoso garito conocido... [read more]

Memorable Events
Toca Fest (XI Anniversary) 
[Tournament & BBQ] [Night party]

Opening Party
Spring 2007 Season Party

Closing Party
Fall 2006 Season Closing Party

Fall 2006 Champions
Congrats La Tocadita Classic - WISL Saturday Emerald Open Division

Toca Fest (X Anniversary)
[Tournament & BBQ] [Night party]

Opening Party
Spring 2006 Season Party

Toca Fest (1st edition)
[Tournament & BBQ] [Night party]

Closing Party
Spring 2005 Season Closing Party

  La Tocadita Over 30
Congrats Champions!!! WISL Over 30 Maryland Division (Spring 2005)

More Events
Latest News
03.30.08 | WISL Sunday First Division 
Ferro Carril Oeste 3:2 La Tocadita

03.29.08 | WISL Saturday First Division 
Donkies FC 0:0 La Tocadita Classic

03.18.08 | MD Soccerplex O30 7v7
Still Kicking 2:1 La Tocadita O40

03.17.08 | MD Soccerplex O40 8v8
Revolution F.C. 3:2 La Tocadita O30

03.18.08 | MD Soccerplex O30 7v7
What 4? 1:4 La Tocadita O30

03.17.08 | MD Soccerplex O40 8v8
M.O.B. 0:1 La Tocadita O40

03.16.08 | Pre-Season Friendly Game (SUN team)
Danish Dynamite 3:1 La Tocadita

03.05.08 | Pre-Season Friendly Game (SAT team)
Bethesda FC 1:3 La Tocadita Classic

03.11.08 | MD Soccerplex O30 7v7
Whetstone 1:10 La Tocadita O30

03.10.08 | MD Soccerplex O40 8v8
La Tocadita O40 3:3 Messi

More News
Spring 2008 Season
[Online Registration]

Toca Fest XI (intra-club)
Saturday August 25th
[Pictures online] Pictures

Toca Fest XI night party
Saturday August 25th
[Pictures online] Pictures

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  Hymn of the Club

  El Cordobés (Fall 2004)
  Scott (Spring 2004)
  El Bocón (Spring 2004)
  El Bocón (Spring 2003)
  El Bocón (Fall 2002)

  By Felipe Rojas
  By Matías Silvani