Toca Juniors FC Club
09.29.10 Toca Juniors FC - love.futbol

Dear Toca parents and players,

Thanks for coming to the meeting. We really appreciate your enthusiasm and commitment to the Club.

We will summarize the fundraising information for those parents that could not come to the meeting. Toca Juniors would like to help love.futbol with their organization to build another soccer field in [San Antonio Palopó, Guatemala]

Contact Information
Manoel Silva
or Christian Noguera

Please see the following documents that explain in more detail what Love.Futbol is all about and how they are trying to achieve their goals.

1) Introduction to love.futbol
2) All team Challenge
3) Fundraising Suggestions
4) All Guillermodelines
5) Video - love.futbol in Guatemala
6) The love.futbol Blog

We are asking each player to help us and get involved by selling 5 discount cards each. Each card has 15 different stores around Bethesda/Rockville that you can see in the back of each card. The store will give you a discount as outlined on the card that is around 10% of your purchase. You can use this card as many times as you wish until it expires on 09/01/2011 and every single time that you show the card to the specific store they will give you the same discount. The cost of each card is $20 that you should be able to collect back during the next year until the card expires. For example, if you go to Ledo's Pizza 10 times during the next year and each time you spend $20 dollars, every single time that you show the card they will give you a 10% discount, so this will pay for the $20 dollars that you spent on the card.

Stores where you can receive the discount are Subway in Bethesda, Flagship Wash Center, Quizno in Rockville, YOCAKE in Bethesda, Ben & Jerry's in Bethesda, Krispy Kreme off Shady Grove, Robeks in Rockville, Fuddruckers in Rockville, Baja Fresh in Bethesda, Ledo's Pizza, America Beautiful Florist in Rockville, Dominos', Edible in Bethesda , Cici's Pizza and Bethesda Pet Shoppe.

Please encourage your kids to help us sell these cards during the next 4 weeks. If you are not able to sell any of the cards no worries, please give them back to the coach and he will find someone else to help you. Once you have sold the cards you can always ask for more cards to sell. You will need to bring cash or a check payable to Toca Juniors FC for the cards that you were able to sell.

Good luck, we really appreciate all your help!!!

Toca Juniors F.C.